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Volume 25 No. 3 | Spring 2015

Provincial Chapter confirms

focus on mission priorities and

community life

The 2015 Provincial Chapter affirmed and confirmed the

Province’s commitment to its current mission priorities,

as well as a desire to strengthen and further enrich SVD

community life.

AUS Provincial, Fr Henry Adler SVD, says the Chapter also

highlighted a growing sensitivity and commitment towards

living interculturally, both within the Society and in its

outward mission.

“The Chapter recognised that we already live

interculturally, but that we want to get better at it,” Fr

Henry says.

“A desire also emerged for us to be more inclusive in our

ministries, even though external factors don’t always make

this easy.”

The Chapter confirmed the Province’s commitment to the

Biblical Apostolate, Mission Animation, and Justice and

Peace initiatives. It reaffirmed that priority be given to

indigenous Australians, the mission in Thailand, the urban

poor and multicultural communities in Australia and New

Zealand and faith seekers and people of other faiths and


“As far as Thailand is concerned, we confirmed that as a

Province, we are looking beyond our present ministries

there, to grow in mission, according to need.”

Fr Henry says that while confirming the existing

‘Ad Extra’

priorities for mission outreach, the Chapter also expressed

a desire to focus more on the

‘Ad Intra’

aspects of

community and spiritual life.

“It was a recognition, I think, that we are all in this

together, and so we need to work together to build up our

communities and to engage with our SVD spirituality and

also with practical matters, such as finances,” he says.

“There was a very good spirit of collaboration at the

Chapter meeting, which, I believe, was a sign of the

presence of the Spirit in the Chapter.

“We worked hard, with the expert help of our wonderful

facilitator, Patricia Bergin, and at the end, I think there

was a real sense of excitement and reinvigoration for the

mission in the coming years.”