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Volume 25 No. 3 | Spring 2015

“When it comes

to health services,

most of the time,

people come to

me,” he says. “I

have to be the medical officer.

There is a lot of malaria and typhoid and things like that and

people have nowhere to get the medicine, so I have to help


“From time to time the plane comes with medical supplies,

but it doesn’t come regularly.”

Once he receives the medical supplies, Fr Stach faces a

long drive and then a two day walk to reach the people.

“I walk first to the first

settlements, and I stay with

the people there overnight.

On the second day, I walk

six to eight hours and then I

come to the big station,” he


“Of course, during the rainy

season, I have problems

getting across the rivers

because they have no

bridges. So we get together

and put a few posts across

the river and you have to walk

across them.”

Apart from helping with medical supplies, Fr Stach tries

to get out to the remote communities regularly to hear

confession, celebrate the Eucharist and spend time with the


“The most important thing is just that I am here,” he says.

Because the people are neglected. Nobody cares for them

from the government unless an election is coming up.