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Volume 25 No. 3 | Spring 2015

Mission Mass League

– a deeply spiritual gift

On any given day at the Catholic Ashram Palda, in Indore,

India, it is not unusual for Divine Word Missionary priests

to be found praying at Mass for the special intentions of

Australian families.

Indeed, such prayers would be prayed in SVD churches

and chapels at places all around the world.

This spiritual link across the oceans is known as the

Mission Mass League, the prayer association of the

Society of the Divine Word.

SVD AUS Provincial, Fr Henry Adler, says the Mission Mass

League was canonically established by the Divine Word

Missionaries in 1910.

“Its purpose is to help serve people’s spiritual needs and

support the ministry of the Divine Word Missionaries,” he


“We invite our faithful mission partners and donors to

participate in the Mission Mass League by enrolling the

names of their loved ones and their special needs.

“In this way, they are linked spiritually to the masses and

prayers of more than 6,000 Divine Word priests, brothers

and seminarians around the world, ensuring their special

intentions are remembered.”

Membership enrolments are available in four categories

– One year or Perpetual for both individuals and families.

Donors receive a special membership certificate.

Numbers of masses in different countries are expressly

celebrated each day for Mission Mass League members.

Enrolments in the Mission Mass League might be

appropriate in times of illness or death, or they may also

be in recognition of birthdays, anniversaries of deaths or

other notable occasions.

Fr Nicholas Martis SVD, Rector of the Catholic Ashram

Palda (SVD formation house) in Indore, India, recently

wrote to AUS Mission Secretary, Fr Truc Quoc Phan SVD

to thank the AUS Province and its generous partners in

mission for funding a project to build basic housing for

staff at the formation house.

He assured Fr Truc that he and his confreres regularly offer

Masses for the intentions of those enrolled in the AUS

Province Mission Mass League.

“I am ever grateful to the AUS Province for supporting

this project,” Fr Nicholas said.

“From this Province, I have often received the Mass

Intentions which we celebrate for the intentions of the


“I sincerely thank the donors for their great help. Without

your help, these families would be just on the side of the


In promulgating the establishment of the SVD Mission

Mass League in November, 1979, Saint John Paul II said

he highly recommended it.

“It is our ardent desire and hope that it will be a source of

support for the Church in her missionary work. To all who

are enrolled and to those who spread the Mission Mass

League, I give my Apostolic Blessing,” the promulgation


Fr Henry says the Mission Mass League has always been

popular with people in the AUS Province.

“It is a deeply spiritual gift to remember loved ones

or special needs and intentions in the form of Mass

Intentions,” he says.

“In a special way, it links our partners in mission, our

friends and donors, with the many wonderful works of

SVD missionaries around the world, but also with our

prayer life. And, together with God’s blessing, this forms a

deep, living and active communion.”

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