Society Matters | Volume 32 No. 2 | Winter 2022 [Vietnamese]

Volume 32 No. 2 | Winter 2022 4 Society Matters Making movies with millennials to help tackle scourge of people trafficking The Divine Word Missionaries in Indonesia are reaching out to young people in the millennial age group with a range of podcasts, talk radio shows, social media initiatives, moviemaking and drama programs to highlight social issues of importance in the area, including people trafficking. Centred in Ende on the island of Flores in Indonesia, the objective of the overall project is to accompany people, especially young people, through movies and workshops, to overcome the human trafficking issue and help them in using communication and digital technology responsibly. “COVID 19 has strongly affected our lifestyle, including the way of our interacting and communicating,” says Fr Wadu Yohan SVD. “What’s going on today is also definitely impacting our way of working in the Social and Communication Commission of the SVD in Ende. We must adapt and take this change as an opportunity to develop a communication model that is responsive to the time, quick and based on context.” To meet this challenge, the SVD Social and Communication Commission has, since June 2020, begun a range of new initiatives to support the development of digital communication. They include: • Building a news-room studio which is used to make a talk show, podcast, and music to be disseminated on social media; • Upgrading the supporting facilities required for production of digital product, such as good internet and suitable equipment; • Collaborating with millennial groups to quickly find out and understand the current developments in digital and communication technology which are popular in that age group. Some things already achieved with this new equipment and knowledge include: • A daily devotional posted on social media, created in collaboration with the seminarians of St Paul Seminary, Ledalaro; • Podcast content and talk shows on various topics, with the millennials as hosts and speakers invited to take part from across all ages and professions; • A morning religious motivation program, in collaboration with the local radio station, RRI Ende, broadcast every morning with a target audience of millennials. Fr Yohan says the SVD Social and Communication Commission has also produced two movies to mark World Human Rights Day in 2021 and 2022.