Society Matters | Volume 33 No. 3 | Spring 2023

Volume 33 No. 3 | Spring 2023 8 Society Matters THAILAND $4,823 INDIA EAST (INE) $43,437 INDIA HYDERABAD (INH) $39,076 INDIA MUMBAI (INM) $55,349 ZAMBIA 3 Old age home support in Mwandi Parish 3 Education for vulnerable children in rural parish 3 Parish youth empowerment 3 Empowering the youth at Simmonga outstation through poultry-raising 3 Young women empowerment 3 Empowering youth skill training MADAGASCAR 3 Education – Parish of Sts Peter & Paul 3 Formation of families with twins 3 Youth formation 3 Women’s empowerment 3 Justice and Peace Program CHAD, AFRICA 3 Education in a rural and isolated parish where 70 per cent of the inhabitants are illiterate 3 Women’s literacy 3 Support for vulnerable elderly people 3 Animation of young people and children A Newsletter of the Divine Word Missionaries Inc - Australia Province Donations to the SVD AUS Province Overseas Aid Fund can be made online at or by mailing to Divine Word Missionary Appeal Office, Locked Bag 3, Epping NSW, 1710, Australia. +61 2 9868 2666 @svdaus Society Matters BOLIVIA $99,950 GHANA $4,944 TIMOR-LESTE (TLS) $22,447 TIMOR-LESTE 3 Upgrading program on providing professional skills for teachers 3 Personality development workshop for final year students THAILAND 3 Asian Research Centre for Religion and Social Community in Bangkok – promoting academic research and interreligious dialogue in the fields of religion and social communication INDIA GUWAHATI (ING) $6,423 MADAGASCAR (MAD) $98,492 CHAD (TCD) $16,552 ZAMBIA (ZAM) $8,713 3 Coaching and maintenance of tribal hostel, Dibyo Bani Niketan, Gonpada aiming to provide better education and affordable accommodation for tribal children 3 Animation of urban poor communities in Jharsuguda, Odisha 3 Protection, preservation, promotion and research of Tribal Culture 3 Women’s empowerment in marginalised communities of Belpahar, Bagdihi and Lapanga 3 Maintenance of remedial school and hostel 3 Care of physically disabled children 3 Women’s empowerment 3 Nutrition and educational empowerment for the tribal children in Mangaon 3 Street children project – Pune 3 HIV AIDS Project – Pune 3 Street children project – Mumbai 3 Migrant Ministry – Kerala INDIA (Across East, Hyderabad and Mumbai Provinces) THANK YOU! Your financial support is changing lives through the following SVD projects: